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This week, some dark and unstable individuals left the comic book universes they existed in.

Selections from the Incredible Hulk #6 & #7 and B.P.R.D. the Long Death #3.

The fights were ugly and brutal, and in the end the monsters did as they have lived.

Good night, and may you find the peace you did not have in life.


***Fair warning, may be NSFW due to gore.***

Over at the Green Hulk book....

being cut out of the Hulk by Dr. Doom, he and the Hulk have went to war with one another over the last few issues. At the end of the last issue, Amanda Von Doom activated the bomb Bruce had built to recreate the explosion that created the Hulk. (He had wanted the Hulk back inside him so bad he was willing to recreate the process). Amanda took advantage of the situation and activated the bomb in order to overwhelm Banner's gamma-mutate forces.

Issue #6, last scene

And how it played out, as Hulk returns to Dr. Doom.

The rest of the issue is passable as the Hulk blames Doom for Banner's madness, Doom counters, the two fight and Doom beats him, with no rage left for Hulk to tap to power himself up.

The art, it suffers, except for the pages where Banner died. I've seen more love and detail in Whilce's work before.


Now, onto the other fight over at B.P.R.D: Long Death.

Johan and the sacrificial dagger have failed, Capt. Daimyo cannot kill himself, and the were-jaguar remains unbound. Only one thing may have a chance to end the nightmare.

The fight between a human soul trapped within an ancient demon body vs. a Bolivian jaguar-demon possessing a mortal man.

It is BRUTAL and gory and beautiful.

The fight goes into the forest and onto a frozen river, and the were-jaguar believes the wendigo to be defeated.
But as always, never turn your back on a monster....

I love the look in it's eyes. It has bit off more than it can chew, and for once the were-jaguar is scared.

As morning comes, the B.P.R.D team finds the gore that once used to be someone. They think it's another victim, but when Johann washes away the blood from the face, it's Ben Daimyo, finally free of the curse of the were-jaguar, but now trapped in the Wendigo.

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He doesn't have a beard in the scan from #6 though.
I can see now that the rest of Hulks hair burns of during the blast but the beard is oddly obscured by Banner's hair (although you'd think you'd see some of it) and possibly miscolored in the "time slows down"-panel. But I guess if he has a beard in the pages not depicted then that's that. Not a huge fan of the art. The BPRD art on the other hand is gorgeous.


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