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Okay, I instantly LOVE the hook of "Collider"

Another from Newsarama, where they have an interview with Simon Oliver about his new Vertigo title, "Collider", creator of the "The Exterminators" (A series they say is popular, but I'm unfamiliar with, can anyone help?)

Announced by DC at Chicago's C2E2, a new ongoing series called Collider will unite Oliver with artist Robbi Rodriguez to tell the story of a world where wormholes show up in the kitchen and gravity tends to fail from time to time. And when things get really bad, people call the Federal Bureau of Physics for help.

Collider is told through the point of view of Adam Hardy, a rising star at the Bureau — better known as the "FBP." When a gravity failure ends up causing the creation of an alternate dimension known as a 'BubbleVerse,' Adam is sent on a rescue mission, although he discovers his partner has a different mission in mind.

What a brilliantly simple and versatile concept, offering enormous potential for writer and artist alike.

The Universe has stretched too far and starts coming apart at the seams! So they set up a new "Emergency Service" to deal with what happens when your local space/time has problems!

I'll definitely be giving this one a try based on the premise alone!
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Party pooper

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It does sound (and look) awesome, but the title makes me think they're alluding to the fears surrounding the paranoid delusion that the LHC would create a black hole that would consume the Earth (which was something I found more annoying than funny; really, that fails basic understanding of physics so hard... anyways, COMICS can say, alternate reality, squigy physics happen in this verse, but referring to real world "SCIENCE COULD KILL US ALL! AAAAH!" nonsense isn't as amusing as some writers think it us. YMMV, of course.)
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Re: Party pooper

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Well nearly every movie with science in its plot gets reduced to science is bad!

God did not mean for humanity to mess with X!

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Re: Party pooper

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Kind of why I liked the film Steamboy to be honest, they have multiple interpretations of the use of science and its benefits/harm to mankind.

For example, one man said that the purpose of science was to make people happy... by securing the State and allowing it to protect and take care of its people better. While another said it was a means to putting humanity amongst the gods, and another said that it was meant to purely be about making people's lives happier etc.

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Re: Party pooper

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That plot device usually doesn't bother me, considering human experimenting aka science could very well kill us all. Science isn't evil obviously and is just as likely to save us as it is to kill us but that doesn't change the fact that its a possibility. I'm more bothered with a uninteresting premise for how or why science would kill us all.