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sumary: tony stark is richer and also batman and that automaticaly makes him the superior master of magnetism and also sailor jupiter and then magneto gets distracted by space holocaust.

summary: it was in the water, near atlantis, but GIANT FISH and then rocks fell and then jobbing happened.

Don't buy this.

Buy this instead:

Date: 2012-04-25 11:28 pm (UTC)
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Those stupid Fun Facts made me want to puke!

Mags didn't use any of his control over the electro-magnetic spectrum. The man wasn't even trying.

Namor vs. Thing I can buy because its happened before. Rulk out-brutalizing Colossus I can buy.

But Pixie not being ordered to teleport Hope away immediately? Emma stepping from a secure location into a firefight when she needed to be flesh to use her telepathy? Cyclops just pushing on Cap's shield?

Who hit Utopia with the stupid beam?


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