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More Janda, Superboys, Toad learns a very special lesson and Spider-man's Web o' Love!


Got requests for more Jean and Wanda and more Jean and Wanda babies, so this was more or less inevitable. 

I originally had Nate Grey in the third panel too, but then it got sorta space issue-y.

Wanda missed a lot of her kids' lives, seeing as they got all, I don't know, retroactively reincarnated? We know Wiccan has new parents and two little brothers we never see, but what about Speed? Does he have a family he got retconned into? Where is he living now that he's a fugative? 

Anyway, Wanda missed a lot and being the mother of a teenager is a lot different from being the mother of a baby, particular if that teenager doesn't live with you. 

And no, Wanda isn't going to turn the boys back into babies. But, speaking of Billy and Tommy being babies...


Really, Toad? You didn't understand that pregnant women gain weight? Particularly when they're pregnant with twins? Way to be a dick. I'm not going to feel sorry for you anymore when everyone kicks you around in WatXM.

This is also why I have trouble with the whole "Wanda just imagined the babies up" thing. She was, y'know, pregnant.


Man, been forever since I did a Superboys piece. I'm actually a big fan of Kon's new outfit, even if it is a bit evil looking.

I really loved the family dynamic that Superman had for about fifteen seconds. It sucks that status quo is God, because it feels like there was a lot more they could've done with the Super Family, particularly after Kon came back from the dead. (Also, how did they explain the fact that Lois and Clark's shiny new son just suddenly disappeared?) 
Yeah, you especially can't live with them if you sell your marriage to the devil. Didn't know Peter got turned down by Mary Jane once before. Neat, they should've stuck with that instead having him miss the wedding. 
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Ha! Summers kids and Wanda zanyness.

Who's the kid with Mon-El and Kon btw?
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Got a nice aknowledgement in Paul Cornell's Action Comics run though, with Superman ignoring the newly god-empowered Luthor to try and save Chris from the hole in the Phantom Zone Lex just made.