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Dan Dare - Issue 1

As the entire issue is avaliable for free on Newsarama, I think the rules say that I can post this.

Anyways, I thought that this series was an interesting, albeit it underrated, little gem and I thought that more people should be exposed to it. If only because it's written by Garth Ennis, and people need to be exposed to more than just his "I dislike superheroes" stuff.

A bit of context, first. This was originally printed as part of the shortlived Virgin Comics line, as a commissioned series by the wealthy fan and eager space tourist, Richard Branson. But since the imprint was shelved, the entire thing was collected and put into trade by Dynamite, which currently also publishes Ennis' Shadow series.

The series itself seems to be a parody of Blair Era Britain, and a study of what being British meant back when Dan Dare was originally made in comparison to what it means today, particularly when compared to, say, American patriotism. It's interesting, and worth picking up if you can find it.

Minor note: Some of the spacecraft designs in Dare's house seem to be from Gary Erskine's previous series, written by Warren Ellis, called Ministry of Space.

If people are interested, I can post some more from the mini series. :)
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Well then, consider me both impressed and intrigued. Well played, Garth, well played.

It;s the political stuff that does it. Without that, it would be another sci fi comic with a famous hero, but the politics set it apart. Dan and Digby are men after my own heart, to be sure.
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Dammit, Ennis...why can't I just dislike you and be done with it? _o_.

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Because when he tries he /can/ actually write thought-provoking, insightful and/or entertaining dialogue and scripts; that's when you get stuff like Hitman and the best parts of Preacher and Wormwood.

... It's just that he's got the writer's equivalent of incontinence, Tourette's and diarrhea: when he loses his self control he all but literally shits all over and you get Crossed, the finale to Wormwood and that really pitiful one-shot issue about the superman/batman expy hero that was a compulsive sexual violator.

...No, that last one is not an exaggeration.

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The thing is, I literally couldn't GET to the "well written" parts of CROSSED. There's only so many pages of for-the-lulz rape, mutilation, cannibalism and necrophilia I'm willing to read.

Even Joss Whedon had the good taste to point the camera somewhere where the Reavers aren't currently entertaining themselves.
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There's always the flipside to that. It's the one criticism that was lobbed heavily at the Hunger Games movie. Violence and rape are upsetting, so they should be upsetting, and it's arguable that it's morally worse to present those situations in a palatable PG-13 way, ie pointing the camera somewhere else.
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sometimes, but it's very easy when one does it this way to fall into exploitative framework. See how so many works function as "violence porn".
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Huh. No gore-tastic decapitations.

Ennis is on the other half of the sine curve.....for now...
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I remember the BNP bit and I was impressed at the reserved, calm, rejection he constructed, it wasn't a "NO! You repellent, horrible people" (Probably my own reaction in such a situation), so much as a "This is why YOU shouldn't do it either"
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This whole series was easily the best thing to come out of Virgin Comics, and is an excellent example of Ennis at his best.

I think Ennis does his best stuff when he's forced to work within limitations- Hitman's mother-loving soft limits on cussing out mother-lovers - and is writing about something he sincerely cares about - War Stories, for example.
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Oddly, limitations can sometimes work wonders creatively. Look at how great BTAS was when they couldn't kill anyone on-screen. It made the Joker more creative than he had been in the comics for YEARS.