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Super cute (the art :3 ) self-contained issue about how Matt and Foggy became friends.

Idgaf about Foggy and I loved it, tbh.

From the preview pages (easier to screencap :[):

Matt finally goes on a date with ADA Kirsten! Enlists the help of a bodyguard:

Ms Kirsten asks Matt if Foggy is his bff, and Matt tells the story about how they met in Columbia. They were roommates, ofc, but first impressions were NOT GOOD - at least Matt's impression of Foggy wasn't, anyway. (Understandable, imo, Foggy looks like he smells.) But then they were united by UNJUST ACCUSATIONS! Foggy was accused of plagiarizing a paper, you see. Matt and honorable judge Bobble to the rescue:

I hate making screencaps from comixology omg :[ BUT CUTE BOOK, WORTH IT!!!

Date: 2012-05-04 05:00 am (UTC)
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Well I read the entire run of her.... up until before she went crazy, so I guess that's it.


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