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Avengers Academy versus New X-Men

The Avengers land on Avengers Academy, bringing the X-Men students recruits (along with the X-Club and Sebastian Shaw) with them for safe keeping while everyone tries to find Hope. There is much awkwardness on the topic of how to deal with them. Laura isn't very happy with the position Logan put her in.

Laura and Sooraya re-aquaint themselves with one another.

Hercules to the rescue!

Oh, Laurie, you're not fooling anyone.

Then Loa and Mettle bond over surfing


And Finesse and Laura do some bonding as well:

Very nice issue overall. Looking forward to its development. Gage seems to be at his best in events tie in it seems, last time I enjoyed this title as much was during Fear, Itself.
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Jesus... I don't know what to think... This book... THIS BOOK! . Why was Hazmat so happy