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He's not being nice and supportive. I'm saying that the way it's written, with his Nice Guy condescension followed by her ham-handed "I'm going to make lots of money and you're going no place, loser!" I think many readers will take that as a signal to not only see her as a shallow woman who only cares about money and misses the true worth of the superior guy she's with who just hasn't proved his awesomeness yet, but read the earlier stuff as more of the same. As if his not acknowledging that they've broken up is actually him just showing he supports her and loves her even though she doesn't appreciate it and insults him.

Iow, I think this panel is made to appeal to the Nice Guy fantasy when it detours from her criticism of his behavior here into her predicting that he's going nowhere and saying she's superior to him. I think there's probably plenty of readers who come away wanting him to prove her wrong and then dump her for being mean. As has been mentioned elsewhere in the thread, she's both "the prize" and "no prize."

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