Date: 2012-05-03 06:17 pm (UTC)
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Considering pre-Crisis Earth-1 Bruce had a pretty good relationship with pre-Crisis Helena Wayne that would be a nice thing to see. Especially since the current Morrisonian-version of him has not being written as a 90s era jerk.

Also the irony in Bruce this case being the kindler, gentler Wayne compared to this version of Helena (though removing Earth-1 Bruce's previous relationship with Selina - now they have anonymous sex and she doesn't know who he is takes away the bite of what could have been had both known of a "Helena Wayne").

I've always loved to see Damien's reaction to have a blood sibling as well (since he's all about being Bruce's "real" son). Pre-reboot I was hoping that some writer would write back in Helena Kyle and have Damien reacting to having a half-sister (I never bough the fact that Selina had a kid with her ex-lover's son - she wouldn't do that to Slam - and all signs had been pointing to Bruce prior to the reveal).
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