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Crisis on Infinite Riverdales?

Be afraid, be VERY afraid ....

LIFE WITH ARCHIE No. 18 features what has gotta be the most cosmic moment in Archie's life -- the discovery of the Archie Multiverse!

Written by Paul Kupperberg, pencils by Fernando Ruiz and inks by Amiable Allen Milgrom!


Date: 2012-05-03 03:54 pm (UTC)
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This one image removed from context and taken on its own could seem a step too far. However, within the storyline, it was built up to over the past several issues in a methodical cumulative way, and follows everything else that's been shown by logical necessity. This is just the payoff at the end, and it works in its setting.

Not everything in the story works, admittedly. The multi-issue storyline is resolved WAY too quickly; you get the feeling Kupperberg was told "okay, this has dragged on too long, wrap it up this issue." Worse, this moment is the peak, and there's no real dramatic followup. Believe it or not, they were right on the verge of using all these parallel Archies to say something genuinely profound and touching about life and growing old! And then they fumbled the ball before getting it over the goal line. Didn't quite make it.

All I'm saying is, in context, this is a much stronger moment than you'd think.


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