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Vision vs Magneto

So apparently I missed this, which I've hastened to rectify because I shall not miss out of anything of the great Magnus family EPIC TRAGEDY.

Context: Ironman has just rebuilt/awakened Vision and brings him up to date with what happened in Disassembled, and him and She-Hulk make sure to namedrop Magneto in a blaming way because Bendis doesn't write in a contrived way at all and apparently nobody believes Doom.

So Vision decides to pay his former father-in-law a visit.

... well that was brutal.

(Don't ask me how that fits with the Vision's one tear of sadness when Wanda did visit the Avengers in AvsX #0).
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And yet some still find it in themselves to say 'hey, Scott's such a GREAT leader for the X-Men'. When your standards for membership are Magneto, sure, fine, why not? I mean, it's not like the guy still has dozens of crimes against humanity to his name.