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Humans Are Special

Humanity Is Superior

Although the truth in this scenario is likely Puny Earthlings

Souls, souls for TV Tropes. MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
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Personally, I've always had a theory that humans are one of those warlike species on par with Klingons and Khund.

I mean, we produced the National Hockey league. Nuff said.
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Hockey nothing, we produced Aussie rules. Or reason #3 why we're likely to never be invited into the galactic commonwealth, as it is otherwise known.
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Yeah, I get the feeling if aliens ever did come to try and conquer us, they'd take one look at all the stuff we've done to ourselves in the past 6,000 years, and just keep right on flying when they reach earth.

"Two world wars, and half the planet is nuclear armed? Yeah I think we should put this off and come back never."
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Reminds me of C&C3, when the aliens invade and they're like "Oh, this will be easy, wait, they've got TANKS? They're a CLASS4 Civilization? ABORT! ABORT!"
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At some point I want to see a SF universe where humans really are nothing special at all, in any sense. Just another jumped-up species, like there are hundreds of.

Fuck humans.
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Granted I've not yet played the third, but Mass Effect has elements of that. Humans are the "jack-of-all-trades" of the universe. There are many species stronger, smarter, faster, and those with psychic powers. But, humans seem to be able to do a little of each. Plus, we apparently breed like rabbits, compared to the other species. However, it really seems to depend on how you play. If you're bad, Humans Are Special. If you're good, Humans Aren't Special.
From: [personal profile] arilou_skiff
No, Mass Effect is the WORST example. Humans are upsetting the status quo, being a big worry for all the other ones, specially targeted by Harbinger, etc. etc.

Similar thing with David Brin's uplift universe.

What I want to see is humans being the equivalent to say... Elcor or Hanar.
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The Krogan seem to be the space rabbits in regards to breeding (at least prior to the genophage). Even the Rachni don't seem to populate as much as those crazy horny space toads.
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CJ Cherryh is pretty good at not making humans extra super special.
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I always imagined Cherryh's Earth as being a big quaint tourist trap to most people from other planets. Like the present-day Greek ruins. ;)
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Farscape has humans be generally inferior to other races, we're not strong, we're not fast, we're squishy, we're not (often) particularly intelligent, or cunning, and we see a minute portion of the visible spectrum.
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HUMANS! ARE! SUPERIOR! And remember, kids. Crackers don't matter.
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See David Brin's Uplift War series, at least the early ones the later ones fuck it up.
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I did read a series like that back in the 80s or early 90s, where humans achieved sufficient technology to be contacted by aliens, only to find that the other races had been out there for ages and had better technology/resources/most of the good planets colonised and looked down upon humanity. A lot of humanity were frustrated because we were looked at as third-class citizens, we couldn't expand because the good planets were already taken, and no-one would share technology with us.

I don't remember its name anymore, but the series was about an average guy who believed that humanity had to show the aliens we had potential. He takes the heat for a terrorist act his pro-humanity girlfriend was involved in, and the series follows as he tries to thwart plans to harm alien species by the pro-earth group she was part of - usually by himself, since the alien species think we're no threat at all and are barely worth acknowledging.

In case someone else here has read the series and can identify it (I tried googling without success), there was a scene where he was in an elevator and was startled by the elevator computer having a human voice (rather than a computer modulated one), and thinking that it was actually creepy to hear a computer with a non-modulated voice. Another thing I think I remember is one of the alien species were basically big spiders with their front legs being more like human arms.
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Although Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda showed a lot of humans because that's cheaper to film, humanity wasn't the originator of the All-Systems Commonwealth. In fact, nobody but the Perseids even wanted to let humans in. Nobody considers oppressed Earth tactically important except for the human who grew up as a slave there; the other humans in the crew (in space) don't care at all.

Date: 2012-05-05 07:29 pm (UTC)
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For remembering they exist, I give you the gift of a rare peek into Khund culture.

Date: 2012-05-05 09:24 pm (UTC)
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About the only time that any aspect of ST:TNG Klingon (who didn't go by the name of K'ehleyr) actually made me smile was Worf describing Klingon mating rituals to Wesley
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Or maybe it's the other way around. I remember a short from the 80s Twilight Zone series where the UN is visited by aliens who say that we were one of several races they created/seeded to see if we had potential. Unfortunately they were bitterly disappointed in our progress and had decided that wiping us out was the only answer.

Desperate, the humans asked for a few days reprieve to prove themselves. When the aliens got back after those few days, the humans proudly showed them how the warring nations had setup peace treaties and agreed to dismantle weaponry.

Unfortunately, the aliens were bitterly disappointed because they were a warlike race and they thought we should have been building disintegrators or out conquering our galactic neighbours by now, so the peace treaties doomed our race to extinction...
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"Heads we win, tails you lose."

Sounds a lot like most boss/worker relationships. :/
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We're actually fairly crappy at violence, we actually have to go to school to learn how to be violent (otherwise known as military training). Militaries have to do things like make human-shaped practice targets and heavily indoctrinate soldiers to blind obedience but even then there are still people who can't make themselves hurt their fellow man (and woman).

You can make a case for human predisposition toward small-scale violence on the level of a vendetta (that's pretty much what prehistoric conflict was like) but mass violence on the scale of armies seems to be something humans are still getting the hang of.


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