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The Trinity of Sin Revealed

Okay so, in the DC New 52 FCBD (Free Comic Book day for the uninitiated) Issue, it was revealed who the Trinity of Sin are.

One was Pandora, the other, as assumed, was the Phantom Stranger, and the third, probably comes to a surprise, ends up to be a person who appears to be The Question aka Vic/Charlie Sage.

(Sorry for the Quality, but i took it with my camera phone….)

What I found interesting was the reveal of the Phantom Stranger’s Identity.

As far as I remember, there have only ever been hints as to who he used to be. But in the FCBD issue, it seems like it is pretty much revealed who he was.

Hmmm Forgive me as HE would… interesting…

You’re greed has darkened the World forever… those are Silver Pieces that the Wizard (i am assuming) is playing with.

The Silver Pieces are what form his necklace, thing.

I think if it is not clear, it is pretty heavily implied that the Phantom Stranger is Judas Iscariot, the man who in Judeo-Christian teachings betrayed Jesus for Thirty Pieces of Silver. The fact that they say his greed “Darkened the world” and the items used to bind him are pieces of silver. As well as the “Forgive me as HE would Line” (since Jesus Preached Forgiveness). Judas was actually one of the implied identities for the Phantom Stranger, and i think this has been one of the biggest “hints” we have ever been given as to his identity. Interesting :D

Now the other Reveal, the Third member of the Trinity of Sin is revealed as I said above, to be the Question.

The Anti-Establishment, the No Face, and the Question Mark Puff of Smoke seem to indicate that this is the newest incarnation of the Question. Im interested to see how this plays out… It’s a different take, and it can be interesting….

The Third member of the Trinity is Pandora, and she is revealed to be…

Yeah as most people suspected, she is THE Pandora. As in Pandora’s Box.

What i find interesting is that the mythical Pandora is a Pre-Judeo-Christian Character, Judas Iscariot is a Judeo-Christian Figure. So, since these two sinners have been pulled from percievably different ages, its possible that the Question pulled her was pulled from a more modern era. Meaning that the Likely hood that he is still Victor Sage seems all the more likely. The Rock of Eternity stands outside of time and space so it is conceivable that these Gods, Ancients, or Wizards have been able to pull the three “greatest” sinners from all of time to the Rock from their respective time Periods. So there You have it. Pandora, Judas Iscariot, and Victor Sage, are the Trinity of Sin. Im actually very interested to see where they will go with this… Color me intrigued DC.

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Re: This again...

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Ummm.. Pandora is Greek mythology, not Judeo-Christian

It's unclear who the Question character is or what his origins are

If the PS is Judas, it's worth noting I think that the story of Judas goes beyond Christian theology (Since he's purely New Testament, I'm not sure the Judeo- prefix applies), it's become a generic byword for treachery and betrayal.

So one out of three doesn't seem unreasonable, and they picked one of the characters from the Bible who most people would know of.

And we're supposed to be irked by the "You are an evil girl" line, the rest of the story goes a long way to confirm that the judgement WAS unfair, and her crime was only subjectively evil.

Re: This again...

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Even worse, considering that according to myth, she was created for the sole purpose of opening the Box. Zeus, being a huge petulant jerk, wanted to curse humanity for stealing fire and offering him bones and sinews instead of meat at offerings. So he commissioned the creation of Pandora and infused her with insatiable curiosity. Then he sent her to Earth with the Box of Evil and told her not to open it ever because of the awesome secrets it held. Pandora predictably opened it, fulfilling her role in Zeus' punishment of mankind while reaping all of the blame for it.