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Geo-Force vs. Deathstroke

7 pages from LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, a one-shot by Brian Meltzer and Adam Kubert. It has Deathstroke saying he used his Crazy Juice on Terra, as he used on Rose/Ravager and Cassandra/Batgirl.

Ollie! Roy! Lian! (I still feel a little ripped off that we never got to see how Bruce Wayne reacted to Lian's death, Roy going nuts and Ollie killing Prometheus.)

Did Geo-Force just use a Jim Kirk line on Deathstroke? (Though this came out about a year before the 2009 Star Trek movie.)

Pwned. With a capital P.

I know there were no "older" Teen Titans in the post-FLASHPOINT DCU, but I am curious if they will ever redo or refer to "The Judas Contract" and if Wilson's Crazy Juice will play a role. As much as I like Marv Wolfman, there *should* be a better explanation than "Tara Markov was a bad person who hated the Titans for no reason."

This one-shot ended with Hal Jordan being all, "Right, like the world is really going to end."
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it removes the agency of Terra as a villain in her own right
This. If they wanted to redeem Terra, they should've worked on that rather than on a way to make her not responsible for everything the character did.