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So yeah, there was a time right as Marvel was acquiring Malibu that they had the characters of the Ultraverse transported to 616 and various examples of Lets You And Him Fight abounded.

So Night Man finds himself in what he thinks is the familiar surroundings of his past; a "Playland" where he grew up or something.

Nope. 'Fraid you're in an unknown carnival and about to be held at the mercy of the villain Arcade. But first, meet your dancing partner:

Whoo! Background effects! Go computers! (and YES, this is sans-adamantium, bone claw Wolvie, but not mindless-animal-on-all-fours-Wolvie... although apparently tumor-growing-from-the-latissimus-dorsi-Wolvie).

After a brief fight where Logan slices up Night Man's arms real good and Nighty uses taser gloves, they finally calm down, Night Man says he's not from this world, so Logan points how they have to move forward through the traps Arcade laid to escape.

Does the robot have a terrifying deep, metallic laugh, or a super-annoying repetitive laugh like in TOYS? You decide.

Eww, the bones, the BONES. :{

In the final room, the heroes have to move within lit up patterns or spontaneously combust.

Wouldn't be the '90s without copious amounts of WAAAAAAAAAANGST.

There was also (among others) a Hulk/Prime crossover, and I really should share the REAL first Exiles series. We'll see.

Resurrection Man profile starting real soon, I swears.

8 pages out of 24.


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