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Meet the Earth-2 Hawkgirl

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From CBR Interview:

"I'm excited for readers to see this new Earth 2 version of Hawkgirl," Robinson told CBR. "As the co-creator of the original Kendra Saunders, I've taken pains to keep the essence of her personality while adding a more two-fisted quality to her as well. I'm also enjoying developing another aspect to her, in that with the absence of Batman, she must also step up and become the great detective of Earth 2. I hope readers will enjoy watching her find her place in this new world as a part of this new team of heroes."

"Earth 2" #4 featuring the debut of Hawkgirl hits stores in July.

Love the idea of Kendra being Earth-2's greatest detective since Batman. or not...I still don't trust James Robinson with her characterisation if his writing of Joan and Earth-2 Wonder Woman are any indication of his handle on female characters. So sadly, I'll pass on this too. I also don't get why Hawkgirl has guns as opposed to her usual weapon of choice? And I do mean besides the fact that this is a reboot and Earth-2 has (unfortunately) become James Robinson's own personal playground.

Also, If Kendra is essentially the new Earth-2 Batman, I guess this means Helena Wayne is no longer needed on Earth-2 to fullfil this role? I now have a feeling that the goal will be to keep both Huntress and Power Girl on Earth-1 in order to give the spotlight to Earth-2's 'New Trinity' which I guess giving Huntress and Power Girl their world back would defeat that purpose.

I also think this sort of explains why the real Helena Bertinelli had to 'die' on Earth-1, and if that is indeed the case, why didn't they just write it off as just a name Helena Wayne came up with? No seriously, I am asking a legitimate question here. Why kill a fan favourite when surely the daughter of Earth-2's Batman and Catwoman would have learned how to falsify documents, create fake ID's, and cover her every track from Earth-1's Batman without needing to take anyone's identity???

The only logical explanation I can come up with for Wayne deciding to take on a dead woman's identity is to create a believable backstory for the Huntress identity by impersonating someone who 'survived' a mafia hit despite being believed to be previously dead by the family who ordered the hit. I still don't see how this would bipass Earth-1's Batman since he would learn right away that the real Helena Bertinelli is dead.

Maybe this is how he'll find out she's really Helena Wayne aside from the fact that she's been stealing from his bank account? On that note, He'll probably figure out she's Catwoman's daughter too for the fact that he'll initially suspect it's Selina at first, then realise it isn't? Now I'm really off topic. Hawkgirl everyone: Earth-2's new female Batman. Carry on.

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I said it once. I said it twice. I said it many times today. She looks like a badass.