Date: 2012-05-09 06:24 pm (UTC)
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Well, yes. I'm never one to complain about more Ron Perlman. And to be honest, I like Sigourney Weaver in most things she's in, even if she was visibly bored by the time she did AR.

But seriously, the film is so much garbage. It blatantly ignores the ground rules laid down by the Alien's inherited traits from it's host creature - and as such, where the fuck does the Queen Alien getting a giant womb come from, let alone the idiotic Newborn thing? It also treats the regular drones like not-so-dangerous mooks - which, granted, Cameron in Aliens did a little, but they were visibly still dangerous and pretty damn scary when in swarm-mode. I just think AR and the AvP movies really, really damaged the Alien franchise. Predator got a leg up again thanks to the pretty good Predators, but I'm really, really hoping Prometheus is the shit, and I couldn't give a flying fuck if it doesn't make Avengers money.
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