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Unfortunately I don't have anything actually prepared, so instead I thought that I'd post some parts from both Cass' and Steph's series' in memory of the characters that inspired the series.

First off, an early bit of Cass and Steph interaction from Batgirl 21

They arrive at the Babscave, and she tells them what's the buzz and tells them what'sa happenin',

Cass goes into the holodeck training room... then comes out of it again,

And from such tiny seeds friendship is formed...

And from the final issue, number 24, of Steph's series, here are her hallucinations induced by the Black Mercy powder her dad dosed her with. These are apparently the plans for Steph's series if it had been allowed to continue, rather than getting cancelled for Barbara's new one.

Well, I guess with Steph and Cass disappeared into the aether, none of these things will ever come to pass. Kind of... unfortunate that both the Eurasian Batgirl and the potential African American Batgirl have BOTH apparently been erased from continuity though.

Ah, Casstoons began on a note of fandom rage, only right that it be remembered with one.

EDIT: Fixed images, hopefully. *grumble*

Date: 2012-05-10 09:59 am (UTC)
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Rapid crash from an adrenaline high that's gone on *way* too long is my guess.


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