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Tales from the Ice Palace

Here are four pages from FAIREST 3...

This issue, we learn further details about the events surrounding Briar Rose's birth.

Oh, and the bottle imp reveals that he, Ali Baba, and Briar Rose getting captured by the Snow Queen was all part of his master plan.

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I found this enjoyable. I like a good story.
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Phil Jimenez is clearly basing Lumi on Lady Gaga here, right? It can't just be me.
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I'd say you're right.
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Re: Motto

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Hmm... *eyes the hair* I do think you're right!
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it's known
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I was interested by the actual story, but that cover would *not* have attracted me. Wrong demographic, I presume. :-/
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Yea, that cover kills it for me.

It the wrong impression. I'd probably not give this book a second glance with that cover.