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Here are a few panels WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #10.

I decided not to post the entire two page spread of Cyclops and Wolverine walking through the Jean Grey School and talking. So here's just the top part.

Well, we're getting a sense of what Cyclops is thinking. If the Phoenix Force wanted to destroy the world, it would have done so before now. And there's really nothing any of the X-Men or Avengers can do to stop it if that's what it wants to do. But, so far, it has acted in bringing Hope and the Five Lights.

So, Cyclops is being a fatalist? Sheesh, good thing he never led a fight against Galactus.

"So, this being eats planets? Well, nothing *we* can do will stop him."

Some teachers at the school voice their disapproval with staying on the sidelines.

Rachel: FINALLY, someone remembers! Of course, just because Rachel could control the Phoenix Force doesn't mean Hope can do the same thing.
Gambit: I've heard worse reasons for hating the Avengers. Hey, what about Monica Rambeau/Captain Marvel/Photon/Pulsar? Isn't she from Louisiana as well?
Chamber: Nobody cares about Chamber. He's probably lying about having friends on Utopia. Poor bastard.

Well, at least some characters are giving reasons why they think Cyclops is right. Of course, that also means they think Captain America is wrong. Which is never a good thing.

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In fairness, the only reason that Earth is still around after Galactus first visit is an almighty Deus ex Machina in the form of the Watcher breaking his aeons old, supposedly unbreakable, oath of non-interference, and letting Reed know about the Ultimate Nullifier. There was bugger all any human could have done to stop Galactus unaided, even the Fantastic Four.

And Scott has, in his time with X-Factor, dealt with a planet being judged by the Celestials, he's SEEN that level of cosmic in action.


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