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I've posted a lot of horrible things here as part of this series, but this is genuinely one of the worst comics that I have ever read. It's a propaganda comic that manages to play out like a satire of itself. Calling it cringeworthy is an understatement.

Trigger warning for child abuse.

An introduction - Jack Tracts are the work of a Jack T. Chick, though there has been some debate over the fact of whether that's his real name or not. His comics range from the ridiculous to the spectacularly offensive, giving a range opinions on everything from rock music, to how Catholics apparently run the world in secret from their underground base in the Vatican. Basic irrational fundementalist dogma.

But there is one strip that was apparently so ill conceived that it's one of the few that Chick or his company have had to retract from the twenty, thirty years that the Tracts have been published. And considering this is a company that once stated that all modern music, including rock, jazz, blues and Christian Rock, was secretly invented and run by Satan, that's really something.

And so, without further ado, I present Lisa: quite possibly the most unintentionally horrible thing that I've ever read.

*Claim fair use, as the Tracts are intended to be given out for free to people. I learnt this when a scruffy man handed one to me while I walked past a church in Chicago some years ago. And I should probably add that I have nothing against religion in general, so my criticisms for this strip shouldn't be interpreted as an attack on Christians or whatever.


Characters in this story, you are all terrible terrible people. Particularly you, Doctor. A child being given a STD by her father and his friends ISN'T A SITUATION WHERE YOU MOVE IN TO COVERT THEM TO RELIGION, YOU GET THE POLICE! RARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!

Fuck it, my new canon is that the guy is visited by the Spectre or Frank Castle or something shortly afterwards.

Comic from here,

For non-horrible, but funny, sections of the Tracts, try this tumblr,

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The Fire of your Love, and yes it is a little cryptic


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