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The Thing That Washed Ashore

Here's another story from Junji Ito. Eight pages out twenty-four. Wouldn't call it NSFW in the traditional sense but it could be considered graphic or disturbing by certain people. It's a bit gooey.

As always, remember to read from right to left.

As the story opens the corpse of a gigantic creature has crashed onto a shore in the Pacific Ocean and has attracted a large crowd.

The narrator, a young girl, hates the ocean because of her fear of creatures like this. It started from a visit to the aquarium where she saw grotesque fish from the deepest corners of the sea. Ever since then her dreams have been populated by such images.

The scientists note that the creature appears to be transparent and has numerous protuberances covering its body.

The protagonist meets another girl who also hates the ocean. She came here because her fiance seven years ago who was shipwrecked at sea and was never found. She has strange dreams about him:

The onlookers realize that they can see something inside the creature's skin.

The scientists note that the people haven't been digested. They begin to cut open the creature.

The people begin moving en masse.

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Nope, after reading Lisa this doesn't bother me at all.
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Kind of why I prefer horror stories with a fantastical element to them as opposed to ones wholey based in the real world (with some exceptions, Silence of the Lambs for example).

Horror should be fun, not an unrelenting parade of human misery, a la A Serbian Film, Hostel, Cabin Fever etc.
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See, I think horror should be terrifying: as long as it scares the living shit out of me, then I can call something a true piece of horror. Fun would merely be incidental to the mission of making me scream in mortal terror or at least too creeped out to turn the lights off at night without steeling myself to do so.