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Flirting on Tabula Rasa

Previously in Avengers vs X-Men, Hope's signature has been located in five different places, courtesy of Rachel Summers, and both the Avengers and the X-Men are sending a team to the coordinates. One of them is Tabula Rasa (aka the Savage Land-like recently created thanks to Appocangel getting his hands on The World).

I think Sunspot is angling for a threesome.

Meanwhile, our friend the Savage/Good Apex has been observing the proceeding and narrating it, as someone who is very clueless about Earth people and tries to study them as those strange, hapless, puny creatures.

I think we should make the Good Apex a honorary member of scans_daily.
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Was Hepzibah always like this?

[personal profile] darkknightjrk 2012-05-16 07:27 pm (UTC)(link)
My question is--who the heck is Hepzibah?

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Yup, Pogo

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Kind of yes, kind of no. She was very flirty with Corsair back in the day, but it was also obvious they had a relationship going.

Oh, and she also used to look a little less human.

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.. oh Apex... i love hime :D

Love the girl talk... but SERIOUSLY, how many times is he going to use THAT SAME IMAGE!

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Okay, Hepzibah's smile in the third panel of the second page is really creeping me out, and I can't help but scream, "LAAAAAAAAND!!!" when I see it. I wonder what porn he traced it from...

Though, Namor's remarking on him being talked about, does amuse me. Admittedly, I don't know a lot about Namor, but I wasn't aware he was such a huge slut. >_>

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Dear God I love how Gillan writes Namor. :D
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It's exactly like Faz from Shortpacked.

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Also, did Namor lose his eyes? It's either that, or he's stuck in 'Heroic-Squint' mode, can he even see where he's going? :P
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Youngbloods' Disease tragically claims another comic character's eyes. :(

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I know that this goes without saying but Greg Land's art makes Jesus cry.
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Man, Greg Land's women really dig the taste of fingers.

Also, is Namor's new thing being Stacey X? Because it's a little less creepy with a dude. Still kinda sketchy, though.

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Sunspot sweetie, you may have a reputation, but what you pretty much completely lack is a track record.

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Savage is the brilliant love child of Javik and Mordin Solus.
It seems Mordin got that tissue sample after all.. ^_^
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I swear this issue of the X-men was written specifically for scans_daily.

so much to talk about!

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Right now Namor feels hi is beign talked about.
This is only correct
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This would be so much better and so much more interesting with an artist who actually, you know, PENCILS his work rather than digging out his magazines.

As always, I don't mind photoreferencing, but it is just so different when it's actually the artist's own photos.
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You know, I would love to see an entire series of this Namor just hanging around being... this guy.

Or of that silver chick hanging out with the big slug thing for slumber parties.
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I'm really enjoying Namor at the moment.
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Didn't Hepzibah used to have I am an alien who speaks my alien language, earth-English is a second and strange tongue-style speech patterns?

It's a tricky thing to say without sounding like a sex-judger, but having her relationship & sexual status change from "unavailable; in monogamous relationship" to "arranging sex-dates in front of the whole team" feels like "hot [skunt] catgirls should feel sexually available to me, the viewer" and I don't like it.

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kind of love the writing here, I think,

Land's tracings are HIDEOUS.
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love this Savage.

Another note: Isn't Hepzibah with someone else? The same said someone else that she hooked up with when her dead boyfriend's body wasn't even cold yet?
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I kinda want to pretend Namor and Friends is the entirety of AvX now.
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I'd be happy reading a book that was all Namorsexytime with brief interludes of Dr. Nemesis and The Telepathic Starfish.

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Don't mind me, just trying not to look at all of Hepzibah's different.. "sexy" expressions closely.