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Sadly the Scrambled Arc of Sonic Universe is coming to a close, but does so in style.

I like plan B.

The giant robot battle is made only better with Cubot's pirate talk and gambling.

Keep you enemies closer. Funny he should mention Lien-Da's Game...

I hope Eggman never stops being this awesome. Also that Cubot and Orbot are here to stay.

Date: 2012-05-18 03:18 am (UTC)
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Mobotropolis, rather. Knothole got carpet bombed.

Ixis. Possesses powerful magic, and leveraged anti-tech backlash caused by the group that went on the assault while Eggman was out (Regina in the post here. She's a technomancer and turned a lot of the machines against the people, and Mobotropolis was run by an AI Freedom Fighter, Nicole...) to help gain popular support, combined with a promise he got from the old king when he was a bit crazy, to gain the throne.

Mammoth is largely out of the way, staying civie and legit, runs a casino (Sorta like Penguin over in Gotham is sometimes). Except... in the future, after a big apocalypse, he's Silver's mentor. So there's a good timetravel who's working for someone who may-or-may-not have changed his ways in the next hundred years or so.


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