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With their secret mission in South America continuing, Cass recognises that she won't be able to get anything done with Ollie constantly sniping at her verbally and proclaiming who he can't work with a "murderer" (despite him having killed various people himself). So she decides to allow him to work his feelings out...

This over with, Ollie just proceeded to bug everyone else on the team instead of Cass, and generally act like an exaggerated version of himself. Including breaking into Wayne Manor after Bruce "died" and pinching things from his wine cellar, which I guess is fair enough, what with Bruce being Teetotal and all.

Also this series did also bring in Cass making her superhero team, the Network, though Dick and Barbara appeared to hijack after Cass'd done most of the legwork and it was promptly forgotten about after Battle of the Cowl was over. Which is kind of a shame, as it had Cass and Steph's first meeting since the latter heroine's "death" and could have been a chance for the pair to potentially star in a book together.

And then Cass was ejected from the book entirely, despite being the only one to hang around after RIP and their friendly OMAC exploding due to the Black Glove's tomfoolery, just so that Dan Didio wouldn't have to write her in "his" version of the team.

Oh well.

Date: 2012-05-22 10:31 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, I also found Meltzer went down. I kind of like the monologues in IC, the book is full of rubbish things, but I liked some writing and phrases. Meltzer kind of disapeared into his own dullness. I really liked Green Arrow in IC, this was one of this books that I feel Should be rewriten I would never allowed some obvious faults to be published. But I loved Meltzer's "style" when he writes Green Arrow, It was the logical writer for Green Arrow. His JLA is bad, I would say irrelevant more than dull, It gives nothing.

Yes, I dont understand Dini, He was writing amazing things for Streets of Gotham at the same time. But I dont know, Brubaker on Catwoman was the most important run of the character, kind of like Perez with WW. Hope Selina get what she deserve.


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