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The Avengers vol 1 got pretty dire in the 90's - six months were spent on a plot about Russian Ninja Pirates vs. The Avengers vs. Russian superheroes vs. Alpha Flight vs some random Atlanteans which was mostly punching people, for example - but it did have some bright spots.

I was chugging through the whole massive bulk of the thing because I wanted to add all the 1990's issues of Avengers vol. 1 to my issue by issue guide to the Avengers, which I've been working on over the years to help fellow ficcers figure out if an issue is worth reading or not, when I came upon these little gems.

Steve doesn't believe "New Iron Man" isn't Tony
Tony has decided to pretend he is a "new" Iron Man, and the "old" one is dead. Steve doesn't believe him for a minute, and also, is pretty sure he's Tony. (Avengers 314)
She Hulk and Black Widow aren't buying it.
Black Widow knows exactly who he is and thinks the charade is ridiculous. (Avengers 332)Steve speechifies, Natasha laughs
Steve speechifies and Natasha laughs at him for it. (Avengers 343)
Hank's box o villains
Hank Pym (Ant Man / Giant Man / Yellow Jacket) comes to an Avengers meeting casually toting a box of shrunken villains along like a lunch box and doesn't get why anyone else is shocked. (Avengers 345)
Clint's inadequacy issues
Steve facepalms at Clint
Meanwhile, Hawkeye's insecurity leads him to take Pym's growing potion, causing Cap to say "I knew it was going to be one of those days" and quite literally facepalm. (Avengers 345)
Cap and Natasha's bff spar
Cap and Black Widow are so adorably BFF sparring together that the Vision angsts about his wee robot heart even more. (Avengers 367)

Natasha worries over Cap 1
Natasha worries over Cap 2
Also, apparently Natasha is a hurt/comfort fan. (Avengers 382)

Rage cupcakes Doom
But the best moment of all by far is when Rage, the Angry Black Superhero Avenger - no really, that's his power source and his origin story and his personality, I'm sure I'm not the only one headdesking at Marvel here - takes down Doom's plan with a cupcake. (Avengers 333)
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