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Did you miss these? No? Whelp, sorry, you're getting more anyway.


...yeah. Don't know where this came from. Of course, if you miss the old Scott/Jean romance, I've got some of that for you as well.


Man, you can practically smell the romance. Scott, you dashing, darling romantic!


I'm just funning around with you, Adam. Now that the 90s are over and you've been lurking in the background of X-books, quietly mumbling obscenities to yourself, I kinda like you. Maybe Peter David can pick you up and do something cool with you.

Anyway, I love the new run on the New Mutants. It's got two things comic books seem afraid to tackle recently: continuity and fun. We're talking minor plotlines. We're talking weird characters.

Man, I love this series.

Also, more of my weird little idea, Janda! (Wanda/Jean. Previous installment were in my earlier posts.)


I always kinda thought of Nate as the baby of the Grey family. Cable's the aloof older brother, Stryfe is the dickish twin, Rachel is the often ignored middle child and Nate is the kid brother.

Random Grinch reference? Sure, why not!

Also, Dani is right to be confused, Jean probably shouldn't be able to do that portal thing. Still, once you reach a certain level of power, I guess being able to do weird stuff is par for the course.


I mean, what, this meme is only about five years old. There's still time to jump on the bandwagon!


So, according to DC, an "iconic" character will be gay in the DCnU. Normally, I'd be thrilled. Diversity is awesome. But announcing it, making it into such a big deal, seems weird. I mean, when the Piper came out, nobody cared.

Or noticed.

This just feels really gimmicky, though. Like when the introduced the new Batwoman and the only thing we heard about her for months was "LESBIAN! LEEEESBIIIIIAAAAAN! TELL YOOOOUR FRIIIIIIEEEEEEENDS!"

Of course, that turned out awesome, so who knows? Maybe this'll be cool!

And, I'm gonna end on a little bit of fun. One day, She-Hulk and Johnny Storm decided to go to a costume party together...


It didn't pan out. But hey, Johnny's not one to let a good thing go to waste...


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