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Trigger warning for classism and racism.
In this part of the series, Tommy Elliot, aka Hush, was still impersonating Bruce Wayne, but Alfred and the fairly large number of people who were friends of Bruce, such as Katana and Zatanna, acting as... a means of ensuring he doesn't go off the reservation and do evil while pretending to be Bruce.

He's moved out of Wayne Manor though, and back into his families' mansion where he finds something that fills in more information about his own parents, as well as her fascination with the Waynes. Tommy's mum continues to be positively charming.

Coincidentally, a former gangster by the name of Judson Pierce, the man who bankrupted Martha's family, has a grudge against the Waynes that started around around this time period 37 years before the present. He explains to a nephew of a college of his the point that not only marked a turning point in his life, but evidently one that would lead to Gotham as a whole changing forever...

Back with Hush again, and Alfred has noticed how the supervillain has started to become restless again. So he assigns Zatanna to be his watcher, as she's more confident in the spotlight of the media event that she and Tommy are attending than his usual guard, Katana. And we once again get to see that Tommy picked up his mother's charm.

The next part, Thomas comes to apologise, the nephew remembers the time his uncle met the Joker, and how Sal and Pierce changed Gotham for years to come.
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