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Well, I caved in and bought that "Best of 2000AD" book I mentioned a while back and it has some choice samples of very very early 2000AD, first issue early, and many more from later periods, so I thought a little pot-pourri might be fun to share.

Sadly the 1/3 rule, laudable though it is, is a complete swine to factor in for a five page story, since I don't even get two whole pages, but I work with what I have.

This caused a stir in the first issue of 2000AD that even I can remember, featuring as it did an invasion of the United Knigdom by the "Volgan Republic of Asia" (No more details were released about who precisely it was meant to mean)

The attack is brutal and vicious, extending into the UK from a more general invasion of Western Europe. A nuclear warhead is detonated over the Midlands, wiping out Birmingham and surrounding areas. And that's just setting the scene for the main spearhead of the invasion...

2000AD 007

Personally, that's probably the most outlandish thing in this strip, half an hour from Heathrow to London by road? HAH!

In this next page bear it in mind that this was in 1977, 2000AD was a long way away, Prince Charles was single, and the Queen was starting to celebrate her Silver Jubilee... considering that Her Majesty has just celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, history clearly went down another timeline... :)

2000AD 008

Another causes of fuss about this was that the newreader is clearly Angela Rippon, notable as being the first female journalist to present the BBC national television news on a permanent basis. So this was clearly aiming pretty close to the mark.

Meanwhile, an everyman, a lorry driver, Mark Savage by name, has returned to his home to find that his entire house, including his wife and children has been levelled by a Volgan tank shell. Amongst the ruins one thing IS left...

2000AD 009

And so a rebel is born... Love the "I ain't hiding, I'm reloading!" line! :)

David Attenborough would perhaps be best suited to narrate this story of an everyday polar bear in a situation out of his control... David Attenborough directed by Quentin Tarantino....

A plane crashes in a the frozen wastes of the north, a plane containing CIA operatives and a mysterious capsule of enormous importance... And who should happen upon the scene but an otherwise innocent polar bear

2000AD 002

2000AD 003

And so the scene is set for the rest of the series as the agents pursue Shako, and he takes extreme measures to defend himself (though he does prefer the taste of seals)

Ever wonder what the ABC in ABC Warriors stood for? I know I never even thought about it, but it turns out it stands for the three fields of warfare they are designed to cope with; Atomic / Bacterial / Chemical. And now you know... and knowing is half the battle... the half that doesn't involve violence... (Luckily this is SIX pages, so I get two pages out of it. Huzzah!)

Meet the gang...


So we have Sgt Hammerstein our main protagonist, the frankly incomprehensible Joe Pineapples and his implosion ball bazooka and a psychotic Gabby Hayes.

Though self aware and capable of a certain amount of independent thought, they fight in battles (again with the eponymous Volg invaders!) cyber-linked to human soldiers at HQ, but only cyberlinked up to a point....

2000AD 005

One of the human officers makes a bet with another, a bottle of champagne to the first of them to take the target, The cost in rookie robots is pretty ghastly, and Hammerstein is NOT a happy sergeant..

2000AD 006

By breaking the pain barrier, Hammerstein leaves Rodney open to the entire pain output of the dying robot, which basically fries his nervous system and kills him rather unpleasantly. The top brass are quite prepared to put it down to the risks of the jobs, accidents DO happen after all. But in the background a sinister figure, who clearly suspects something, wonders if Hammerstein is the bot he's been looking for.... DUM DUM DUM....

And we close with sports... where Aeroball is king! Aeroball appears to be an early non-magical precursor to Quidditch, with a few more explosions and a shorter life expectancy.

This is also of note (I think) as the first British comic strip where all the main characters are black.


The games goes well, but tragedy strikes when the team bus crashes and nearly all the team are killed. There are three survivors; Hairy, Slim and Giant (Whose descendents  would later go on to be noted Mega-City Judges, but that's another story) who hear that there has been a fourth survivor, Louis... but he's not in the best shape, he's certainly lost weight as the team find out when they go to visit him.

2000AD 001

Love the fact they brought chocolates!

And so ends this little palate teaser of 2000AD, hope you enjoyed what I was able to show you.

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