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Wow, surprised no one has posted this yet, as the latest Journey Into Mystery refers to it.

Ah well, the conclusion and aftermath of the fun "Exiled" story arc.

As shown in my preview, the wedding of Sigurd and the Disir begins.

As usual at these types of events, someone says something to stop the wedding and all hell breaks loose. You won't believe who....

Needless to say, it's everyone vs. Skyfather Bor, father of Odin (and Cul).
Hela, Leah and Loki skeedaddle, as they know they are no match for the father of AllFathers.
The Disir take the worst of the beating, until Dani turns the table on Bor.

She manages to give Bor a mere flesh wound, but that is all that is needed.

There is blood in the water, and the Disir revert to unholy undead wraith form.

Chased back down to Hel, Bor pleads to be let back in with the grateful dead (see what I did there)? Loki now guards the gates, and he does not acquiesce Bor's request.

Bor has but two choices.

The Disir are finally free of their eternal curse, and vow to make amends and serve Hela.
Hela brings the group to Midgard, where the Asgardians are back to normal.

But fall out still occurs.

And in the end, the Disir show up to haunt Sigurd. Now that they are death maidens, they know they will see him again.


Very satisfying arc, with lots of threads brought together, and real consequences to be had afterwards.
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