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Here's a story that makes you go "WTF" as Junji Ito only can.

Disclaimer: The original story was over 90 pages. This is 30. Remember to read right to left.

The story opens with the young protagonist shut in her house. She has been there for a week and has ran out of food.

Terumi was a celebrity and model but was also best friends with Kazuko. She left no suicide note but she had expressed to her parents misgivings about her celebrity life.

Kazuko later sees Terumi's ex-boyfriend Shiroshi being hounded by a group of Terumi's fans, blaming him for her suicide. Kazuko breaks it up. He later tells her that he feels guilty for what happened, saying that his nagging drove her to kill herself.

These are quickly deduced as mass hallucinations.

Shiroshi later tells Kazuko that he's seen the floating head outside of his house. He later calls her to see for herself.

She goes to the police but no one believes her.

The next day, her friends don't believe her either when they all notice shapes floating in the sky.

Inside the house, the news reporter on the TV says that these floating heads are attacking Japan. He warns all viewers to stay inside their homes.

The father decides to leave for work, saying he'll safeguard his neck.

Yosuke, Kazuko's brother, says he needs to get food or else they'll starve. He brings an umbrella with him to ward off the heads.

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