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-Who begin the problem with the Silver Falcons
-How Saryn became a demon!?
-Some preview of the second issue!

Darkhell (if you you saw the first part in the third panel we say his name) wanted Jadina-or should I say he wanted her magic staff-, who was protect by the knights. He sent one of his hunter who didn't bring her and the staff to him.

So he sent his best hunter THE GREEN SHADOW!

Some pages after, the death of Saryn father who begin the battle between The Green Shadow Vs Saryn and Danael!...

After that Saryn and Danael, both quit the army to go save Jadina on their own.

In their battle Saryn I so full of rage that she execute Green Shadow(and she saved Danael twice)

Okay! Now I gonna explain you what happen when one of does "Shadow person" die he take the body of the one who kill him. But what we didn't know was that in the first encounter between her and Green Shadow, he kinda choose her body-for unexplained reasons-. After he died, Green Shadow was coming back through Saryn, then she transformed and Saryn was kinda dead.

The next issue will be the past of Jadina and I think we're got to know more about Green Shadow and I belive that we're gonna intruduce a new Shadow who's a member of Les Légendaires.

The first encounter between Jadina and prince Halan(you'll see him more in the third part)

Jadina's mother and the Doc! In the original serie issue 14 we explain that her mother cheat the king with the Doc.

The first apparence of her tyranic cousin Kasino (he's actually dead)

Stay tuned for the next part of Les Légendaires!
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