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Before Milo Manara embarked on a lucrative career as a porn artist, he created Giuseppe Bergman (1978), a down on his luck loser of an alter ego who's tired of the modern world and longs for a Great Adventure.

This is a comedy, with occasional nudity, sex and violence - but Manara is writing and drawing always tongue firmly in cheek, satirizing everything through his protagonist. Think Dan Clowes.

First, he must tell his girlfriend goodbye.

Christ, what an asshole!

But I love his look when she goes back to bed.

Also, his adventure is actually a reality show, so his rant about freedom is sort of premature.

It's Hugo fucking Pratt, you pratt!

Now, in Italy in the 1970s, politics was a serious thing; there were protests, terrorism, strikes, police brutality all the time. So:

And when you're close to HP, things have a tendency to get weirder.

Even Alan Moore runs away from him.

More to come...
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