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My contribution for Beyond the Big 2 Week.

WARNINGS for depiction of war torture techniques and general violence? And heads.

And ninjas.

SKYWORLD is a urban myths and fantasy comic set in an alternate Philippines where the country is taken over by creatures called asuang between 2000 and 2012.

Lovingly scanned by myself with permission from the artist himself. The art is amazing, the dialogue is great, and the story's pretty awesome.

In Volume 2,

America sends troops to attempt to rescue surviving rebels in the islands, but for the most part, the attempts have failed. President Obama (yes, President Obama) is trying everything, but eventually the decision brings up a last resort in the form of a bomb to wipe out all the asuang.

Meanwhile, people in the Philippines survive under the leadership of Alexandra Trese (from the Trese comics, yes, this comic has a crossover) and wait for the coming of their savior, the Maharlika.

Which brings us to this: 

IN THIS POST, we go back to WORLD WAR 2 where the Japanese have taken over one of the most secure strongholds in the Philippines:


I am not ashamed to say that's vaguely hot ^^^

The Tikbalang, Makabo, tells the General about the sword in his hands, and the legends behind it. About Kaptan and the Sky gods, and their enemies.

They bring the war treasures, along with the sword, in a convoy of well-guarded trucks. But then...

Oh look! What an adorable pile of log cats. I wonder what they're doing on the ro--AAAAUUUUGHHHHHHRRRRGGGG


I'm not sure where the legend about the Tikbalang's hairs came about, though for some reason, I never believed it.

What I did believe, under another story entirely, is that Tikbalang can only be tamed if you ride it till exhaustion, like a horse. It will then reward your prowess and determination with devotion.

Kaio is a duwende, or a dwarf creature, with attitude. There are variations of duwende stories, and really, he pretty much breaks the mold.

Sigbin have been conceptualized, so far, as dogs (in Trese), cats (here) and kangaroos (due to the verbal tradition and how they were described to have large hind legs for jumping).

The word's out on giant dragonflies.

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