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Guess who's back in Uncanny X-Force #27 and revealed behind the new Brotherhood?

Yes, but why?

Rememder on Daken in an interview:

IGN: You revealed Daken as the leader of the Brotherhood in issue #27. Do you see this as an extension of his quest to build his own empire and replace Romulus like he was doing in Wolverine: Origins and his own series?
Remender: Yeah, and to just follow the threads. He's always been sort of in the middle between good and bad. To fully push him in the other direction. He's fully embracing his savage instincts and the person that he is. He sees this as a cathartic and good thing. Beyond just wanting Evan for reasons of power – having your own brainwashed Apocalypse would be a pretty good thing to have – Daken also has to look at this as a potentially dangerous kid who Wolverine took into his school and has been giving his time and energy to try and train. He never invited Daken to that school. He's got a lot of issues with his dad, and he's done trying to pretend he's something he's not. He's a son who will go to any lengths to earn his father's respect – even kill him.

IGN: So you think beneath everything else, there's still some twisted form of love coming from Daken?
Remender: More than anything, it's a need for respect. I think he hates his dad. He sees him as a fraud – somebody who is still a savage monster but fancies it up with the superhero outfits so he can justify what he does. More than anything, he's full of rage towards his father. I think at the bottom of all that there's still a kid who wants his dad to respect him. His feelings were hurt that this kid Evan was worth his father's time and he wasn't.


Oh, also Fantomex died.
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