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To highlight the how awesome this comic series is, I'm going to post pages from the 3 issue story arc that covers the story of how Bart's favorite superhero, Radioactive Man, just got bought out by Krusty and announce the BIG change to help sell comics better...

First, from Simpsons Comics #155, it basically shows how repetitive comics can really be...

Next, following up the story arc in "Simpsons COmics Presents: Bart Simpsons #48", as it covers Bart, Milhouse, and Martin taking some action to Krusty's plans....

But first, we get these 2 pages that made me dread what the suits at Marvel are thinking now with the success of the Avengers movie... they try to hype up a big change to the comic altogether, drawing in attention and sales like never before, but saying nothing about it

Krusty makes the promise the change will be good... but you know what Krusty's promises are... remember his daughter... or his time as a senator?

We finally get to see what the big change is to the RadioactiveMan comics in Simpsons Super Spectacular #9, and guess what...

It was NOTHING! Basically, Krusty and Neagal's plan was to let the reader of the comic make up his own story and art so they would have NOTHING to complain about. Well, being the mischievius devil that he is, Bart made his own comics, and gave them to everyone in Springfield..

And that was the Simpsons in comic form. Pick up an issue if you like. It hits satire as well as the show did back in their prime, and has alot of comic references to make any nerd chuckle.
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