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Hey guys! This is my first time sharing comics at the new S_D so I'm really excited! I thought I'd share a little bit of the Marvel Adventures Avengers. It may be marketed to kids, but it's got snark, it's got action and it's got some pretty good characterization and minimal angst, which is my kind of comic. I'd especially recommend it to those who aren't exactly thrilled with current 616!canon. I know I like it more.

Back-story: The Avengers get attacked by Baron Zemo, who takes them down and runs off with Cap. The Avengers aren't very happy about this, but there's nothing they can do right away, so they retreat and regroup.

And this is the reason why I really like the Marvel Adventures Avengers so much. They have personalities! In Storm's case, that means that she isn't just the regal African goddess; she's a leader who analyzes the Avengers' performance in battle and she's a teammate who's not afraid to joke around every now and then. The same sort of thoughtful characterization applies to the rest of the characters. Smart characters are smart, characters with leadership skills lead, and the banter's not half bad to boot.
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