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Jeff Parker Double-bill

Four scans from Exiles #3, and three from Agents of Atlas #6.

First in Exiles, which is easily the better of these series, our heroes bust out of jail and engage Magneto and the imperial household; Blink is out to get Jean or Emma to read Magneto's mind.

The Exiles flee, with Blink wondering what's going on with the Tallus and the portals; they end up in a desert world ruled by Ultron, Vision, and Machine Man.

In AoA, the team heads to Altantis to try and find some information about the Cabal.  However, Namor cottons onto Bob's attempts to read his mind, and a big brawl starts.

Ah, lame "they're not really related" save, where would we be without you?

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Maybe because they remind him of Uranians?

I guess?