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Mylo Xyloto is aColdplay album that came out last year.

Coldplay are a popular British beat combo much admired by the bobbysocks and poodle skirt set (See, I'm hep, I'm happening! I'm down with the kids!)

It's also the name of their new six part comic book series (Currently available for pre-order on their website), but which will be released through comic shops too.

When you're a band, your primary visual medium is the music video, so what better way to preview the title, than to release an animated video over one of the songs from the album.

The comic (written by Mark Osborne, who also directed the video) is described as "The Mylo Xyloto comic series reveals the story of Mylo Xyloto - a young Silencer on the front lines of a war against sound and color in the world of Silencia - which provided the backdrop to Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto album and tour."

I like the tune, and the use of motion comics is rather fun.
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