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I was randomly watching some E3 2009 videos and saw this quick shot of the upcoming DCU Online game in the Sony Press conference vid. I thought people here might be interested.

My apologies if this is common knowledge among Cass fans already. I haven't been keeping up with the Casstoons lately (if there's a Casstoons about it, someone link me up!). I thought it was interesting considering the debate in fandom going on now about who should be wearing the batgirl suit and why. I'm also just plain excited about DCU Online even if it doesn't have a release date yet (ooo we could have a scans daily guild when it does! lol).

The videos available here: Sony E3 Press Conference Intro if anyone's interested. (I couldn't find a decent version on youtube to embed in this post sorry).

And a quick image to make this post legal:

Oooh, Cass looks scary and Badass! I have no idea what comic/issue that pic is from.


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