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This is a repost of an older entry here from a little over two years ago which I figured might be good for Halloween.

This is from The Haunt of Fear #14.

The story (which is narrated by the "Old Witch") opens with two villagers discovering a dead body. One man notices there are puncture marks on the man's neck and deduces it is the work of a vampire. The other notices that the corpse is partially devoured, and therefore believes that a a werewolf is responsible.

We then have a little flashback...

The two hide out in a cave, where they rest for the next full moon until they can go out again and feast. Their relationship doesn't last long, unfortunately--after a certain amount of time, an angry mob discovers their hiding place. Zorgo is shot with a silver bullet, and Elicia is staked. They are then buried in "The Devil's Graveyard", a place where murderers and creatures of evil are interred.

As night falls, corpses begin to rise from their graves. They are all excited to hear that a werewolf and a vampire are betrothed, and hurry to attend the wedding.

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