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In Today's segment, we take a look at the time Superman used timetravel to screw over a Native American who had a legitimate claim to the land Metropolis is built on...

Triggerwarning for old timey racism.

The first page sets the tone...

Judge: Damn, if only the US government didn't always uphold our treaties with Native American people! Oh well, we have to cave I guess, not like these documents are so old that they're more a historical curiousity than actual valid legal material or anything...

Superman: Yeah I'm carrying out the same plot as Lex Luthor in Superman Returns, shut up!

The laws of time and space mean nothing to Superman! Also, the commuters to that building better get boats sorted out, otherwise they're kind of marooned.
More on my blog if you want to see how it's resolved.

Interestingly, this also ended up being the scheme the Joker took up in the 1960s Batman show, as well as in a Canadian literacy comic that Linkara reviewed on his show way back when...
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