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I can't say how happy I am that Way is done with the title (if not with the character altogether *sighs*). What gives the new team?

So this crazy guy does a necromantic ritual to bring back dead American presidents out of the presumption that only they can fix the US in its current state. That does not go well.

Meet Agent Preston.

It is not an easy job, working for SHIELD.

The untold adventures of Thor and Deadpool! Alas, that's pretty much all we see of them.

So Wade and FDR fight...

... and it's on.

Verdict: not bad. At least it's funny in a snappy way (if a bit easy at times). We already have one supporting character who doesn't look too bad which is more than could be said of Way's run; and all the boxes are gone which is a GOOD THING. We'll have to wait and see if we'll get anything like depth and nuance in characterisation too.
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