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As we ponder what sort of view of normalcy the Batboys have...

"What sort of a night you had son?"

"Not bad... Werewolf. You?"

"Same.. Vampire"


This miniseries was basically exactly what it says in the title. Superman and Batman fighting vampires, werewolves and a mad scientist who was keen to create more.

But there is really rather random but fun scene with Nightwing (Proving yet again that there's ALWAYS room for Dick, if you know where to insert it). We already know that Dick had at one point gone steady with an undead, but that was out of continuity by this point

We then cut to the Batcave where Batman is investigating a subject of his own...

Some kids take tadpoles home, some kids take puppies home, THIS kids takes a full grown WEREWOLF home with him...

Ah yes, brick walls, as recommended by all Acme Doctors...

Batman tests the vampire with very low level UV light which causes an extreme reaction, and that's not all...

The werewolf gives some useful plot information, which isn't really relevant to us here, but then passes out.

And that's the end of Nightwing's involvement in the whole mini as far as I know, drop in, unload a werewolf, wander out. Honestly some kids just come home to get their laundry done and a cooked meal... not the Batclan!
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