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With Avengers Academy over and the status of Julie "Lightspeed" Power and Karolina "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" Dean in comic book limbo (as well as their relationship), let's take a look back at their relationship.

Let's actually start with Julie and Karolina meeting in the Runaways.

(Ha ha! Molly for the block!)

We don't really see Julie and Karolina interact for a long time. Something actually addressed during the guest appearance of the Runaways in Avengers Academy (which had since become the title Julie appeared in).

After this, there's a little magic spell where everyone is able to relate with everyone else. Julie is very sorry about Karolina losing Xavin and Karolina is kind of fangirling over Julie's history of awesomeness.

So the two agree to go on a date.

We never actually see this date on panel. But given what Julie says later, we can assume it went well.

(Although I'm not wild about it when they're actually called the "Runaways" in-universe.)

And now with Avengers Academy coming to an end, we'll check back in on Julie and Karolina one last time and see how things are going.

Things seem to be going well for these two. A shame they're both probably either going into character limbo or searching for their missing friends in Avengers Arena.

Their relationship never got a whole lot of attention but I must admit they're cute together. I don't know if their relationship will ever be brought up again or if it will quietly end off-panel.
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