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Oh Bush Era politics, never change! ^^

It's Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman, issue 207.

The Amazons are going to the White House to attempt to repair relations with the US after a Hera-related disaster caused the (then floating) Themyscira to crash into the ocean, killing all the non-Amazon scientists, artists and philophers who were visiting as they didn't have the Amazons' magical protection.

Meanwhile, Medusa is invading the White House in the backdoor in an attempt to kill the President to spite Athena and the Amazons.

Back to Diana and Co. where they are discussing the formation of the Amazon Republic and Diana gets a reintroduction to Dr Cale,

Oooh, a comparision to Wakanda is a low blow!

It's the TARDIS!

Nah, it's just Medusa killing secret service agents on the way to killing President Thorne. Diana fights her off, but the political situation, if anything, gets worse.

Leading to the US navy standing by when Themyscira is attacked by OMACS, and the demonstration of the Purple Death Ray "proves" to them that their hostile blockading of Paradise Island was in their mind justified...

Which in turned lead to Amazons Attack. Eek.
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