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This deviant art comic says my point of view perfectly.

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I'm with you Princess. Why do people hold the 1939 musical as the be all end all of Oz? Which if your going to do then Oz is just a dream and doesn't even exist and everything happened in a farm girl's head! And the constant parroting of the darker interpritations of that movie that are popular on the internet as if they were more real than the what is actually depicted.

Then there's the people who think that Wicked is somehow less fanfiction than it is and are resentful of this movie for being made in the first place.

Listen the Musical is an awesome classic. Wicked is awesome and well on it's way to being a classic. But Oz is so much more.

And it's public domain. Oz The Great and Powerful seems to be bringing a lot of the books to the
big screen for the first time and telling the untold tale of a major and popular character.

Please reserve judgment until it comes out. I want this to do well so we might get actual adaptations of the books.

It just seems like there is a unfair amount of anger directed at what seems like a perfectly innocent film. This isn't taking away from the witches or Dorathy. This is just Oscar's story.

Why is that wrong?

So please reserve judgment until it comes out. If it's terrible then it's terrible but don't see things that are not there.

Or I'll summon the Winged Monkeys.

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