Date: 2009-06-05 12:29 am (UTC)
Well. I never knew just how they ended that, or if Terry was dead or just lost in "we don't talk about that anymore" limbo. I also didn't realize it took them so long to get rid of him. I can't begrudge the wile e coyote cartoon ending they gave him (though that poor little girl's shocked face was something I could have done without), though ideally that's not how I'd prefer to see it.

Me, I'm more leaning towards the "it never happened!" school of thought, with maybe someone like with pre-crisis memory or something asking her about him and her have no honest to fuck-all clue who or what they're talking about.

"Terry Long? What the hell is a Terry Long? Wha, huh? Hus- what? No way. Are you kidding? Really? Terry Long? No offense, but that sounds like a gay 70s porn star an-- (blinks looking at picture) umm wow, he -looks- like a gay 70s porn star too. Why would I ever get involved with someone like that? It's creepy as hell. No I don't want to know more. I want you to never bring this up again, ever. I don't know who that guy is and I don't want to know. End of story.".

The only problem with Terry Long being killed is, it means that Terry Long was once alive. Which means all that icky creepy stuff between he and Donna happened. And I can't accept that.
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