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In Excalibur #5, written by Chris Claremont and illustrated by Alan Davis, Opul Lun Sat-Yr-9, the deposed dictator of Earth-794, killed her Earth-616 counterpart Courtney Ross and took her place.

This is from Excalibur #10. The art is by Marshall Rogers.

Later on, the Cross-Time Caper storyline had the Excalibur team going through several alternate realities trying to find their way home. In Excalibur #19, Kitty Pryde gets separated from the rest of the team and finds herself back on Earth-616. The art is by Rick Leonardi.

This is from Excalibur #21. The art is by Chris Wozniak.

This is from Excalibur #24. The art is by Alan Davis.

This is from Excalibur #25. The art is by Chris Wozniak.

Then, in Excalibur #32 Sat-Yr-9 spies on Kitty as she stands up to some of her bullying classmates. The art is by Ron Wagner.

Chris Claremont left the title at #34, and the Sat-Yr-9 storyline was dropped. Alan Davis returned to the series with #42, as the writer and the artist.  One of the things he did was resolve some of the dangling plotlines that had been left.

In Excalibur #55, the team is having a housewarming party at Braddock Manor.

Later, Sat-Yr-9's forces attack everyone at the party.

Then, in #56...

And then...

Jamie Braddock is defeated by Psylocke, but before the team can do anything he and Sat-Yr-9 are rescued by her soldiers and taken away.

Over at his forum, Alan Davis talked about Sat-Yr-9's relationship with Kitty. "Although I knew Chris had some plan for Sat Yr 9 to corrupt Kitty and that the various Cross time versions of Saturnyne were attracted to Kitty, I had no idea what, if any, the goal of this relationship was to be. I just played it as a lesbian affair. Kitty the innocent victim of a wicked woman-- I thought all of scheming was just a ruse to keep Kitty interested. I mean, the Hellfire Club isn't really into world domination thats just a ploy to get the women to dress up as dominatrix... Isn't it?"
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