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Because we need funny.

Sorry Hal, your antics generally people to have this reaction, whether you want them too or not.

...Ask a stupid question.

Ah, the explanation for Bruce's laughter is surprisingly obvious.

Stop being creepy guys!

Black Canary: As clumsy in the Superdictionary as she was in the series she shared with Ollie!

Dammit Ollie, what did you do now?

Heheheh, somehow, knowing this comes from the kind of grim Mike Grell run makes this all the funnier.

...The guy turned a woman into a sentient dress pattern, I think this calls for more than just giving him pastry Steve...

Holy crap, Hulk just flat out murdered those guys!

Thor vs. the Space Hillybillies... you know, like regular hillbillies, but from space!

Can't decide whether this is more or less horrifying than the above sweatshop one...

This raises so many questions...

Huh, it occurs to me that supervillain crime rates must be skyrocketing now that Hostess has gone bust...

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